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Understanding 911

The following guidelines should be followed when asking for assistance or reporting an incident within Ben Hill County

When to dial 9-1-1

♦  The citizens of Ben Hill County should dial 911 to report any incident that requires immediate dispatch of police, fire, or an ambulance.

♦  Medical Emergency

♦  Fire

♦  Motor Vehicle Accidents

♦  Suspicious Vehicles or persons

♦  To report incidents of auto theft, burglary, rape, arson, assault, robbery, shoplifting, disturbances, theft, domestic violence, fights, missing persons, shootings, stabbing, destruction of property, all crimes in progress or just occurred, etc

♦  To report road hazards, drunk drivers or reckless drivers, wires down, tornado’s

♦  If you are unsure your situation is an emergency, call 911

When to dial the non-emergency number.

♦  The citizens of Ben Hill County may call the Non-emergency number (229) 426-5111 to report non-urgent incidents that require a police response such as loud music, lost wallets, cell phones, and passports, non-violent animal complaints, etc. The same dispatchers who answer the 911 calls also answer the non-emergency number, so be patient. 911 calls will be answered first then the non-emergency phone.

When to directly call the Sheriff, Police, Fire Departments

Residents should contact their local agencies at their regular number for information or administrative calls.

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