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Primary Election Results for May 20, 2014
Updated: 5/20/2014, 11:42 PM


The results posted on this page are Un-Official until certified by the Georgia Secretary of State.

Democratic Ballot

Office Candidate Number of Votes
United States Senate O. "Steen" Miles 35
  M. Michelle Nunn 233
  Branko "Rad" Radulovacki 19
  Todd Anthony Robinson 41

Governor Jason J. Carter 308

Lt. Governor Connie J. Stokes 281

Secretary of State Gerald B. Beckum 103
  Doreen Carter 216

Attorney General Gregory K. "Greg" Hecht 290

Commissioner of Agriculture Christopher James Irvin 291

Commissioner of Insurance Keith G. Heard 124
  Elizabeth N. "Liz" Johnson 188

State School Superintendent Tarnisha L. Dent 56
  Marion Spencer "Denise" Freeman 79
  Jurita Forehand Mays 14
  Alisha Thomas Morgan 60
  R. "Rita" Robinzine 11
  Valarie D. Wilson 94

Commissioner of Labor Robin K. Shipp 291

Public Service Commission Daniel A. Blackman 279

District Attorney
Cordele Judicial Circuit
Denise D. Fachini (I) 278

County Commissioner
District 2 Post 2
O.D. Netter, Jr. (I) 207

  Democratic Party Questions Yes/No

1.  Should Georgia raise the state minimum wage above the current $5.15 an hour?

 Yes 312 / No 24


2.  Should Georgians’ federal tax dollars be returned to Georgia to fund Medicaid expansion and relieve the indigent care burden on our hospitals?

 Yes 287 / No 43


3.  Should the constitution of Georgia be amended to create an independent ethics commission, not tied to the Governor’s office, legislature, or other elected office, to more effectively police potential ethics violations by elected officials?

 Yes 249 / No 79


4.  Should the Constitution of Georgia be amended to make the education budget Georgia’s first funding priority?

 Yes 281 / No 46