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Published May 6, 2015
Mama Cat and Baby Rabbits
Although most shelters just take care of dogs and cats, the Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Humane Society Animal Shelter Staff is often called on to much more than that. They've cared for chickens, pot belly pigs, snakes, hawks, and a variety of other animals.

Now they have a nest of little baby rabbits. The mother was killed by a car so someone brought in the babies. The rabbits are about the size of a mouse right now.

The staff tried feeding them with an eye dropper; which takes a lot of time and patience and regular feedings. Then they tried to feed then from a friend's nursing mother rabbit, but she would not accept them. They then tried a nursing mother cat as a last resort, and she accepted.

They are not left with the mother cat but are taken to her a few times a day to help provide better nourishment. All the baby rabbits seem to be doing well.

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