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Published November 10, 2016


The Village of Ben Hill

The GA Department of Community Affairs has announced awards of the 2016 Tax Credit Housing Projects. The Village of Ben Hill was one of the projects selected.

MACO Development Company and the Development Authority of Ben Hill County collaborated for 3-years to prepare and submit this public-private partnership application. It will create 50 units of high-quality, multi-family housing on Dewey McGlamry Road on the north side of Fitzgerald. The development is not government housing and no subsidy is given to residents.

Construction of the apartment development will be conducted by Fairway Construction (FWC). Construction is expected to begin in early to mid-2017, and will involve approximately $9,000,000 in development costs. During construction, local businesses will be given the opportunity to bid on various services. After the development is completed and fully leased, consideration will be given local banks for a deposit account.

The annual economic impact is projected to be approximately $1,300,000 for local businesses and $225,000 for government services. The development property will be on the tax digest and pay all standard taxes, building and permit fees. Approximately $30,000 will be paid in property taxes by the development every year.

The development will consist of the following unit mix:

  • 10 One Bedroom/1 Bathroom
  • 30 Two Bedroom/1 Bathroom
  • 10 Three Bedroom/2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Development Clubhouse

Construction quality includes Earthcraft Multifamily certified buildings, Energy Star appliances, 30-year arch shingles, and exterior constructed of brick / stone / cement siding. Amenities will include a large meeting area, game room, library, fitness center, computer center, outdoor walking path, gazebo, and community gardens.

Applications for residence are not being accepted yet. However, potential residents must complete an application and pass all resident selection criteria requirements, such as:

  • Passing a criminal background check
  • Having positive financial credit of 50% and above
  • Meeting minimum credit score stipulations
  • Showing proof of employment
  • Having monthly income that is 3 times the monthly rent amount

Rules and regulations are part of the residents’ lease, and tenants will be obligated to observe them. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations may result in a notice of violation and/or termination of their lease.

The developers are required by law to maintain ownership for 15-years. MACO/The Village of Ben Hill, L.P. will maintain ownership for 20-years. At the end of the twentieth year, they can reapply for tax credits for the property for another20-years or convert the development to market rate. However, the development can never be sold and used as government housing or owned by a housing authority.

The property will be managed by the property management division of Fairway Management (FWM). Four (4) new full and parttime jobs will be created to manage and maintain the facilities; including a Property Manager, Assistant Property Manager, Maintenance Director, and Activities Director or related type position.

“In 2016, DCA received 79 applications for tax credit housing projects; of which 25 were funded”, said Ben Hill County Development Authority Chairman O.D. Netter, Jr. “Of applications submitted, The Village of Ben Hill was the third highest scoring application. This is a real tribute to Mandy Young of the MACO development team; and Courtney Whitman, Frank Feild, and Jason Miller of Ben Hill County who put this application together. Additionally, city staff members Cam Jordan, Cristina Evans and Mayor Massee were also extremely involved and assisted with various required portions of the successful application.”