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Published July 6, 2016

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that there will be heard before the Judge presiding in the Superior Court of Ben Hill County, Georgia, on the 19th day of July, 2016, at 9:00 a.m. at the Ben Hill County Courthouse, in the City of Fitzgerald, Georgia, the case of State of Georgia v. Ben Hill County School District , the same being a proceeding to confirm and validate an issue by the BEN HILL COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT of its GENERAL OBLIGATION (SALES TAX) BONDS (the “Bonds” ) in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $27,400,000, and the security therefor. The special 1 percent sales and use tax for education currently in effect in Ben Hill County shall be continued for a period of time not to exceed 20 calendar quarters and for the raising of not more than $16,000,000.00 for the purposes of: (1) replacement of schools and/or construction of new schools, including any necessary demolition; (2) adding to, renovating, repairing, improving, furnishing, and/or equipping existing school buildings, including the central office, transportation and maintenance facilities, including necessary demolition; (3) adding to, constructing, renovating, furnishing, and/or equipping athletic facilities; (4) acquiring equipment, instruments and/or materials for the fine arts, vocational, physical education and athletic departments; (5) renovations, additions, and/or improvements to parking, traffic access facilities and transportation department, including paving and any necessary site work; (6) acquiring instructional and/or administrative technology equipment and materials; (7) acquiring safety, security, and/or fire protection equipment; (8) acquiring buses, vehicles, and/or transportation equipment; (9) acquiring property; and/or (10) paying a portion of the principal of and interest on the current general obligation debt and general obligation debt to be issued (collectively, the “Projects” );

The Bonds will be payable first from the proceeds derived from the imposition of a 1 percent sales and use tax for educational purposes and, if the proceeds derived from the imposition of the said tax are not sufficient to pay the entire principal of and interest on the Bonds when due, then such unpaid amount shall be payable from a direct annual ad valorem tax, unlimited as to rate or amount, on all property within the Ben Hill County School District subject to taxation for bond purposes.

Any resident of said County or any other person wherever residing who has a right to object may intervene and become a party to these proceedings at or before the time set for the hearing.

This Notice is being signed on June 28, 2016.

/s/ Betty Lynn Johnson
Betty Lynn Johnson
Clerk of Superior Court of Ben Hill County