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Published September 28, 2016


Public Notice - 2016 Taxes
2016 Tax Notices have been returned by the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable for the following property owners. If your name is on this list, or you have current contact information for any of the persons listed, please visit the Ben Hill County Tax Commissioner’s Office at 324 East Pine Street, Fitzgerald, GA 31750.

This is a second attempt to notify property owners and help them avoid penalties and possible tax sales. Details on current and delinquent taxes are available by visiting; clicking Departments and Tax Commissioner; then viewing the details posted on the Tax Commissioner’s website.


ABT, Laura Anne Estate
ACR Realty; W.R. Snowden
Anderson, Bethany J.
Arnold, Kenneth L.
Bahena, Gumaro
Baker, Leon & Doris
Bedingfield, Jimmy
Bellamy, Earnest D & D; Estate
Bennett, Isabella T. ET AL
Blue, Angela D.
Branch, Darrell A. & Katherine G.
Branlyn Diversified Limited
Brown, Mary E.; Christopher Brown
Brundrick, Rocky J.
Bussey, Robert & Kimberly
Byrd, Betty
Campbell, Rebecca A.
Cervantes, Carlos
Conner, Johnny; Estate
Cook, Houston & Hazel; Estate
Covin, Ocie Lee & Annie
Davis, Perry E. & Dorothy J.; Estate
Day, Elizabeth G.
Dillard, Sarah Faye
Dixon, Henry
Dobbins, James & Tammy
Draper, Ethel & Curtis
Dumas, Frances; Estate
Eason, Patricia Ann
Evans, Cleo: % Keith Evans
Faison, Edna Estate
Foster, Stephen L. & Teresa
Furches, Matthew
Garcia, Jose Guadalupe
Gaulden, Samuel B. & Viola
Gaulden, William Charles Jr.
GJ’s Food Market
Green, Horace R.
Guy, Gary & Carrie
Hancock, Ronald
Hannah, J. R.
Harper, Jennifer
Harper, Pamela Kay
Harrison, C. W.
Hatten, Richard David; Estate
Holt, Orman W.; Estate
Hullett, Danny
Hurt, Eugene & Sorvenure; Estate
Hutchinson, Robert A. & Lisa F.
Ibanez, Hector; Mary Peebles
Jacobs, Patrick & Diane
James C. Sanders
James Mitchell; Estate
Jefferson, Lisa ET AL
Johnson, Willie
Jones, Earnestine
Joyner, Preston
K & H Farms, LLC


Melton, Archie Wade Jr.
Mitchell, Velma Lee;
Murray, Bridgette
Nguyen, Mimi Luong;
Oliver, Vivian
Owens, Frank
Paz, Maria D.
Peck, Barbara Jean H.
Perez, Marcela P.
Perry, W. F. & Johnnie
Pitts, Lizzie
Player, Edward
Powers, Samuel E.
Pringle, Angela A.
Raffield, Angelo V.; Estate
Rathburn, Tonya Lynn
Ray, James S.
Reid, Lula
Reliford, Britany N.
Reliford, James W.
Reynolds, Rodney; Estate
Rodriguez, Ariana
Roger, Georgie P.
Rogers, Willie Dan; Estate
Romero, Iban
Rowell, James Robert; Dawn Foster
Rowell, Robert
Searcy, Dectric L.
Seven Pines MHP, LLC
Shepherd, Edie & Nettie
Simmons, Annie P.
Sims, Angela W.
Sinclair, Carrie
Southern United Development, Inc.
Spratt, Catherine A.
Stanley, Andrea M.
Stephens, Mary
Stephenson, James W. & Christina
Sutton, Sibyl B.
Taylor, John & Judith A.
Tello, Rolando
Thien Huong Nguyen
Thompson, Ronnie ET AL; Charles
Thompson; Estate
Thurner, Kristy
Trejo, Angelica
Turner, Beatrice W. ET AL;
Vinton, Terry
Wallace, Sandra E. ET AL
Walters, Leroy & Irish
White, Becky
White, John
White, Thomas Alan
Wilson, Charles K. & Diane C.
Winkfield, John Jr.
Wright, Randall
Young, Jesten & Tonie
Zerbe, Willis W.; Estate